100 ANOS® Tequila

A favorite in the Sauza heartland, Mexico, 100 Años® is regarded as a well priced brand, affordable, good for mixing and for parties. A bottle of 100 Años represents a reference to fine taste and distinction, and it is also related to the idea of an elegant and versatile tequila.

Blanco 100 Años® Blanco, made from 51% Blue Agave, is an un-aged double-distilled tequila. 100 Años Blanco is so versatile you can enjoy it straight, pour it over ice, or enjoy as a perfect, refreshing cocktail with your favorite mixer.

Color: Crystal Clear. Aroma: Fresh agave with floral and fruit notes. Taste: Distinctive cooked agave taste, with a mild alcohol bite. Body/Finish: A light bodied spirit with a warm finish.

Azul 100 Años® Azul is a 51% Reposado tequila, which gets its pale golden color from two months of “resting” in American white oak vats.

Color: Pale Golden Hue. Aroma: Mild toasted oak, light vanilla and cooked agave notes. Taste: Cooked agave and light toasted oak flavor. Body/Finish: A medium bodied spirit that has a mild alcohol bite and slight toasted oak finish.

Verde 100 Años® Verde is a Reposado tequila rested in American oak vats for two months. 100 Años Verde has less wood contact than other reposados, but its 100% Blue Agave sugars give it a clean herbal flavor with warm toasty finish.

Color: Pale amber. Aroma: Sweet honey, herbal notes and hints of vanilla and toasted oak. Taste: Full green agave flavor with toasted oak notes. Body/Finish: Warm with a moderate bite and toasted oak finish.


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